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Stanford NGI Workshop on Veritas Protocols

Is our mission to be always up to date and participate in global conversations to ensure our clients have access to the best available practices and technology for emissions reporting and reduction.

We were invited to attend the Stanford NGI Workshop on Veritas Protocols and we are glad to share with you some key learnings and insights from the event.

This workshop is a collaboration between GTI Energy and Stanford University’s Natural Gas Initiative (NGI)

About Veritas:

"Veritas was created to ensure that stakeholders have a credible and transparent open-source methodology for the sole purpose of guiding the industry on how to reduce and calculate accurate methane emissions in six of the supply chain segments of the natural gas industry. With robust demand for natural gas expected through mid-century, addressing #methane leakage is critical for leveraging natural gas within a global decarbonization strategy.

Veritas is bringing together participants across the supply chain, including companies, NGOs, policymakers, and stakeholders, to develop standardized protocols for calculating measurement-based methane emissions intensity for assets across the natural gas supply chain. This workshop provided an opportunity to discuss the 2023 plans, implementation, and scaling of Veritas. Participants were able to engage in round table conversations to discuss how to best advance protocol implementation."

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