The Process Ecology management team represents over 100 years of experience in process modelling and optimization for the oil & gas sector.


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Who we are

Process Ecology was founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2003. We have substantial experience in process engineering consulting for the oil & gas industry as well as in the development of decision-support software. Our history with a wide range of process modelling and engineering studies has led to a unique approach to problem solving.

Our team of world-class experts in the development and application of process simulation and optimization technology offer a combined set of competencies that enables our clients to solve real problems and improve the sustainability of their operations.

We have been involved in a number of projects that include the development of large and complex simulation and optimization models (steady state and dynamic modes); our contributions involve the development of decision support systems, process simulation models, plant data matching (validation), performance monitoring tools and process engineering support.

Process Ecology has access to a worldwide network of associates that extends from North America to the Middle East and Far East as well as Europe and South America, all of which have been active in process modelling and simulation projects ranging from conceptual design to detailed design and costing of process plants. Contact us to learn more about the value we can help uncover.

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Process / Research Engineering Manager

Process/Research Engineer

Computer Systems Engineer

Computer Systems Engineer

Air Emissions Analyst

Operations Analyst

Dynamic Relief Lead

Air Emissions EIT

Process / R&D Analyst

Air Emissions Engineer

Business / Corporate Development Lead

Process Simulation Software Developer

Air Emissions Advisor

Software Developer

Frontend Developer

Software Developer

Software Developer

Air Emissions EIT

Marketing and Communications Advisor

Software Architect And Developer

Sr. Technical Engineering Advisor

Air Emissions Advisor

Marketing Lead

Process Simulation Software Developer

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Process Ecology has been involved in a number of challenging projects for the oil and gas sector that include the development of large and complex simulation models (both steady state and dynamic modes). Our contributions typically involve developing decision support systems, building simulation models, plant data matching (validation), performance monitoring tools and process engineering support. Process Ecology develops cloud-based engineering applications to perform various technical and economic evaluations of process technologies.

Emissions reporting and management

Process Ecology is at the forefront of air emissions reporting in Western Canada assisting oil and gas companies with benzene, methane, flare/vent, GHG, NPRI and other air emissions reporting, using our cloud-based applications which streamline the data gathering, calculation and reporting steps involved in emissions reporting. If you are looking for a challenging role at the leading edge of engineering modelling/optimization or emissions management, Process Ecology may be your opportunity! We would like to hear from you and how you can add value to our business. Please contact us at info@processecology.com.

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