Emissions Estimation
and Management

We can help you ensure compliance with air emissions regulations and find emissions reductions:

GHG/NPRI reporting for upstream oil & gas facilities

Integrate all your emissions inventories in a streamlined web-based system

air emissions from glycol dehydration

Find opportunities to reduce your emissions and costs

air emissions from glycol dehydration

Access expert support for emissions reports and mitigate strategies

air emissions from glycol dehydration

Find a service option that works best for you

Process Engineering
and Simulation

Our team of process engineers are experienced with providing solutions to optimize:

GHG/NPRI reporting for upstream oil & gas facilities

Gas processing facilities and gas gathering networks

air emissions from glycol dehydration

Relief and flare systems in oil & gas processing

air emissions from glycol dehydration

Oil refineries and bitumen upgraders

air emissions from glycol dehydration

Insitu oil sands and heavy oil processing

Decision Support Software and Tools

We co-design software tools with you to solve specific problems, for example:

air emissions from glycol dehydration

TEAM, a powerful simulation software to identify optimal mitigation strategies in multiple industrial sectors

air emissions from glycol dehydration

InsituSim, a technology evaluation simulation software for SAGD

GHG/NPRI reporting for upstream oil & gas facilities

HydrOpti, a sustainable water management planning tool for unconventional developments

Enhance the environmental and economic performance of your operations


About Us

The Process Ecology team delivers a unique set of skills and knowledge with a wealth of experience in process modelling and optimization, emissions management and software development.


oil & gas facilities
emissions reporting


years experience
process modelling and optimization


innovative fit-for-purpose simulators delivered to the market


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Our extensive process modelling and engineering work informs the development of innovative solutions for our clients in the form of services and decision-support software.

This creative approach to problem solving allows us to stand apart from others and provide clients with cutting edge products and solutions

Whether it's providing engineering advice for a new plant or pipeline, debottlenecking and optimizing existing facilities, or developing strategies for emissions reductions, our clients trust us to deliver high quality tools and effective advice.

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