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Critical Minerals and the O&G Industry

Critical minerals are indispensable in the manufacturing of a wide range of next-generation technologies, including electronics, medical devices, renewable energy, and national security applications. As the demand f...

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The Impact of Latest GWP Updates on GHG Emissions Reporting: An Oil and Gas Sector Case

What is GWP: GWP stands for global warming potential. Greenhouse gases don’t have an equal effect, and each has its unique properties and atmospheric lifetime. For reporting purposes, all GHG gases are co...

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The step-by-step guide: Double-Pipe Heat Exchanger design

Heat Exchangers are an essential unit operation in the design of chemical processes, usually linked directly with energy efficiency aspects of a facility. Wildly used in a plethora of industrial applications such as...

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Case Studies

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Evaluating Pressure Rise and Reverse Flow Scenario

Process Ecology Inc. was requested by an oil and gas client to study overpressure at a complex gas injection system during a reverse flow scenario through centrifugal compressors. This study was conducted to evaluate the impact of check valve failure in their...

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Benefits of a HYSYS-based Production Facilities Surveillance System

Case Study: HYSYS-based Production Facilities Surveillance System for Pioneer Natural ResourcesProcess Ecology, an engineering consulting company, designed an HYSYS-based Production Facilities Surveillance System for Pioneer Natural Resources to monitor the perform...

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Cost-effective GHG Emissions Reductions Opportunities at a SAGD Facility

ChallengeThe Canadian oil sands sector has been under immense pressure to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while also operating in a volatile commodity price environment. The Government of Alberta issued its latest regulatory framework to manage and reduce GHG emissions...

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