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Certifying Natural gas for Methane Emissions Management: Insights into MiQ Framework

In the ever-evolving realm of the oil and gas industry, sustainability has become a focal point, with a surge in voluntary initiatives aiming for net-zero objectives [1]. Within these initiatives, third party c...

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U.S. EPA and DOE Join Forces to Combat Methane Emissions: A Process Ecology Perspective

In a significant move towards combatting climate change and curbing the harmful effects of methane emissions, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) have recently anno...

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Critical Minerals and the O&G Industry

Critical minerals are indispensable in the manufacturing of a wide range of next-generation technologies, including electronics, medical devices, renewable energy, and national security applications. As the demand f...

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Case Studies

Recent Projects

GHG emissions from a novel partial upgrading technology

Process Ecology was engaged by a technology company to estimate the GHG emissions of a novel partial upgrading technology for partial upgrading of oil sands derived bitumen. The study considered the integration of this new technology in a SAGD Central Processi...

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Evaluating Pressure Rise and Reverse Flow Scenario

Process Ecology Inc. was requested by an oil and gas client to study overpressure at a complex gas injection system during a reverse flow scenario through centrifugal compressors. This study was conducted to evaluate the impact of check valve failure in their...

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Benefits of a HYSYS-based Production Facilities Surveillance System

Case Study: HYSYS-based Production Facilities Surveillance System for Pioneer Natural ResourcesProcess Ecology, an engineering consulting company, designed an HYSYS-based Production Facilities Surveillance System for Pioneer Natural Resources to monitor the perform...

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Additional Resources

Techno-Economic Assessment of Methane Mitigation Pathways for the Upstream Oil & Gas Sector in Canada

Canada is striving to meet its environmental commitments and create a lower carbon economy. Reducing methane and other greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions from the oil and gas sector is an essential part of the strategy.

Glycol dehydration greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) Reduction in Western Canada

There is an opportunity to significantly reduce GHG emissions in dehydration facilities - with the potential to reduce the GHG emissions by over half through low-cost met.

Gas-driven Glycol Pump Optimization

Process Ecology was contracted by a major operating company to review the opportunity for optimization (estimation of emissions reduction and cost savings) of the operating conditions of gas driven pumps in six glycol dehydration units.


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