Decision support

The opportunity

A sustainable oil & gas industry requires decision-support systems to optimize operations, maximize energy efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint in a cost effective manner. Process Ecology has developed the “Xtrema Engine”, a powerful, multi-purpose framework that delivers best available science and engineering methods via flexible cloud-based software tools that help identify opportunities to improve economic and environmental performance

How we add value to your company

Our software tools deliver fit-for-purpose solutions to the oil & gas sector. These tools have been co-designed with end-users to solve specific problems that currently available tools cannot handle.

Our web-based simulation and optimization tools are unique in the market with both great UX design and powerful calculation algorithms.

sustainable water management

Reduce the time and effort required to explore alternative scenarios and new technologies and identify optimal process configurations while considering multiple dimensions: technical, economic, environmental.

Drive down cost and maximize efficiency.

technology integration - insitu

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