Emissions estimation and management
Download September 01, 2020

Compliance with air emissions regulations and emissions reduction

Reducing atmospheric emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants is one of the most serious challenges the energy industry is currently facing. Increasingly, there are a multitude of air emissions regulations and reporting requirements in Canada, which are in constant evolution which makes it challenging for operators to keep on top of these regulations and stay in compliance. As these regulations have changed and become more stringent, environmental reporting functions face the daunting task of managing disparate data in spreadsheets or using a generic emissions tool not suitable for the oil & gas industry that requires extensive customization before it becomes useful.

Furthermore, the significant efforts that have to be spent to gather data from the field and to ensure updated information are not leveraged to assist production and process engineering teams to identify opportunities for optimization and emissions reductions. This is mostly due to the fact that the environmental reporting has remained at a level of accuracy and generality that precludes further use of the data to evaluate specific facilities.

Process Ecology has been delivering engineering, facility optimization and emissions management services to the oil & gas industry for 10+ years and our unique approach relies on the implementation of the most accurate accepted calculation methodologies in an established cloud-based system to ensure consistent and auditable reporting. The quality of the estimated emissions provides engineering rigour to ensure data and calculations are accurate and enables our clients to leverage the results to find opportunities to optimize facilities.

We provide streamlined emissions reporting for:

  • Greenhouse Gases (SGER, BC GHG, Federal GHGRP)
  • Emissions reportable to the National Pollutant Release Inventory
  • Flared and vented volumes (AER Directive 060, etc.)
  • Corporate emissions reporting
  • Methane emissions- (AER Directive 060, FFV reports)
  • TIER GHG reporting in Alberta

Please contact us to learn how we can help you ensure compliance with air emissions regulations while finding opportunities to reduce emissions.