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A fully cloud-based digital platform that combines plant sensor data, discrete measurements and advanced process models to track and manage emissions from a processing facility.

The tool includes the following layers:

  • Data acquisition
  • Data cleaning
  • Flowsheet calculations
  • Reporting
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Emissions Reducions

Track your progress on emissions reductions with data every stakeholder can trust.

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Reduce Time and Cost

• Reduce the time and cost of gathering the required data and improve decision-making processes with timely notifications and trends.

• Helps with quick identification of inefficient operations that leads to increase emissions.

Have one source of truth regarding emissions tracking that can help save tax costs.

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Real-Time Emissions Data

• RT-GHG delivers a high-fidelity view into emissions sources from a facility enabling company executives with real-time emissions data that can be relied on for decision-making, regulatory reporting, ESG reporting and other voluntary sustainability programs.

• Captures the non-routine data automatically based on the SCADA data.

• Easily accessible and easily to interpret for corrective actions.

How this tool can help your company

Revolutionize the way you track and manage

greenhouse gas emissions

RT-GHG Workflow

Review P&IDs

The team identifies major equipment and meters that are crucial for tracking emissions and commodity flows in the plant.

Build Flowsheet

RT-GHG incorporates a flexible flowsheet environment with an extensive library of the unit operations that allows any facility to be modelled.

Establish Connectivity
The data acquisition module is configured to:
  • Import real time SCADA sensor data
  • Import discrete measurements
  • Review existing infrastructure to define optimal data exchange mechanisms

Set up KPIs and Dashboards

A flexible framework allows for the creation of customisable dashboards with KPIs such as: Daily/hourly GHG emissions, GHG intensity by commodity. Energy use and emissions from each user Results can be exported to other databases or dashboarding solutions such as PowerBI for easy interpretation and reporting.

Maintenance and Flowsheet Updates

Changes to the process flow diagram can be accommodated easily by assigning an “effective date” to every change. Additional measurements can be seamlessly integrated as they become available.

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