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  • Evaluation of Uncertainties in Key SAGD Reservoir Parameters
  • Inventory of Methane Sources at Upstream Oil & Gas Facilities
  • Training, News and Events 

Evaluation of Uncertainties in Key SAGD Reservoir Parameters

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) is a thermal bitumen production technology widely used in Northern Alberta’s oil sands. A SAGD process consists of bitumen production from subsurface reservoirs and bitumen and water treating in a surface facility. The subsurface part of the process includes twin horizontal wells drilled at the bottom of the formation, known as a well pair, one for steam injection and the other for bitumen production. High temperature steam is continuously injected into an injector well to heat the formation and to separate bitumen from the sands which allows the oil to drain by gravity to a producer well which is located a few meters below the steam injector well. Due to thermal losses in the well and reservoir, the steam is condensed, and a mixture of bitumen and water is (...)  Read more

Inventory of Methane Sources at Upstream Oil & Gas Facilities

Who: Upstream Oil and Gas Producers
What: Inventory of methane emitting equipment
Where: Western Canada
When: NOW!
Why: Why does my company need an inventory of Methane emitting equipment?

Federal Government

Canadian Federal Regulations on Methane Reduction were issued under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act for comment in Gazette I in May of 2017. Public comment closed at the end of July. Implementation of the regulations could start as early as 2020.

A registration report for EACH FACILITY will be due to the Federal Government following the publication of the regulation in Gazette II (expected in Spring 2018)

Alberta Government

The Alberta government is predicting they will issue draft regulations on Methane in the first half of 2018, which will, of course, be followed by (...)  Read more

  Training, news and events
  • Process Ecology recently participated in the Canadian Oil & Gas Trade Mission to Argentina. Organized by Alberta Economic Development and Trade, it enabled us to have discussions on technology transfer with Argentinian producers as they develop their unconventional resources in the Vaca Muerta fields.
  • Process Ecology can help take the stress out of your NPRI and greenhouse gas emissions reporting requirements. We will work with you to efficiently gather the required field data, estimate corresponding air emissions, and submit the information as required. E-mail or call us (403-313-8931) if you would like more information.
  • We recently presented an e-poster at the well-attended SPARK Conference in Edmonton (November 6-8, 2017).  The topic of our presentation was “METHANE EMISSIONS REDUCTION FROM THE OIL & GAS INDUSTRY: THE ROLE OF PROCESS MODELING AND OPTIMIZATION”.
    The event, organized by Emissions Reduction Alberta and Alberta innovates included multiple discussions around improving the innovation process and the deployment of new technologies in Canada.


Easily track, report and manage methane emissions using the Methane Emissions Advisor system.
Methane Emissions Advisor is an innovative web-based service that is designed to assist the Upstream Oil & Gas sector develop their methane inventory, estimate and manage methane emissions, and flaring and venting volumes from operating facilities. Methane Emissions Advisor brings together the benefits of a modern user interface with rigorous engineering calculations that will meet the most stringent requirements for reporting and will enable the identification of optimization opportunities.

Register for an evaluation trial today. Please visit or send us an email
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