Summer 2020

The Process Ecology Newsletter includes updates and news relevant to the energy industry regarding updates for air emissions, technical information related to process simulation as well as case studies and best practices in process engineering. 

A web-based software that allows oil & gas facilities to efficiently manage compliance with methane regulations while identifying the best opportunities for emissions reduction. 
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  • Announcing InsituSIM V 3.0 
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Announcing InsituSIM V 3.0!


InsituSIM is a cloud-based simulation software that has been developed by our industry experts at Process Ecology and COSIA and is available for anyone to access. InsituSIM helps our clients evaluate the integration potential of new technologies into oil sands in-situ facilities. We have helped over 150 users with this free innovative software and are proud to announce the release of our newest version.
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Estimating Heat Losses in Heavy Oil Pipelines

The estimation of heat losses in pipelines is one component that can debottleneck operations if well managed, or penalize them with additional costs. Read on to learn more about the science behind estimating heat losses to improve your pipeline efficiency. 
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Dynamic Process Simulation: When do we really need it?

Process simulation is the representation of industrial processes by means of the application of mathematics and first principles.  This article will help the reader to easily identify typical engineering problems where dynamic modeling would be an ideal tool to answer their questions. 
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  Process Ecology is working with Aspentech to perform BETA testing of the Aspen Hybrid Modelling. Hybrid modelling helps run a process model more quickly and as a result can be used to model complex processes, create inferential sensors or a digital twin for operation and decision support. Learn more

  The Global Methane Initiative showcased Process Ecology and our web-based software for managing methane emissions, MeAdvisor, in its Global Methane Challenge. Check out the feature to learn more about Process Ecology's methane mitigation solutions.

 Process Ecology was recently mentioned as a noteworthy Canadian CleanTech methane technologies company in TCS's Canada's CleanTech Industry: Methane Technologies in Oil and Gas Operations fact sheet. Find out more about the innovative work that Canadian companies are doing to address methane emission challenges in the energy sector.

 Process Ecology can help you comply with MSAPR by providing awareness training to your company personnel involved in planning and implementing the MSAPR requirements. E-mail or call us (403-313-8931) if you would like more information.

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