Spring 2018

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  • Strategic Water Management in Unconventional Oil & Gas Play
  • Modelling Benzene Reduction in Condensation Tanks
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Strategic Water Management in Unconventional Oil & Gas Plays

Oil and natural gas plays an important role in meeting growing energy demands around the world due to its widespread availability, ease of transport, and the available infrastructure to handle these fuels. The growing world energy demand has led to exploration and development of unconventional natural gas resources such as shale gas and shale oil. Technology developments in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have changed the landscape of oil and gas production with countries like the USA becoming net exporters for the first time in decades. Read More

Modelling Benzene Reduction in Condensation Tanks

According to CAPP, there are over 2,500 operating dehydration units in Western Canada, and benzene emissions from these units are a major concern. The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) regulates the maximum allowable benzene emissions from these units through Directive 39. In January 2013, AER introduced new regulations to reduce Benzene emissions from most dehydration units to less than 1.0 tonnes/year by 2018. AER accepts simulator predictions for the entire facility, except for the condenser. Total Capture Testing is currently the only option acceptable to the AER for claiming benzene emissions reductions due to a condensor/tank.

The Alberta Upstream Petroleum Research Fund launched a project with Process Ecology Inc. with the objective to develop a software tool which could be used to accurately estimate benzene emissions reductions in condensers. Read More

Training, News and Events

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