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Why is accurate emissions reporting important?

It goes without saying that we are in a major energy transition as the drive to reduce carbon emissions and focus on other energy sources is intensifying. Many companies and jurisdictions have pledged to be “net-zero emissions”, with widely varying plans to actually accomplish this.

PSV Sizing for Fire Cases: Is a dynamic model worth the time?

For many in our field, Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) sizing is considered to be a relatively simple task that can be performed in a matter of minutes by process engineers. But if industry standards like API 521 exist and clearly state the steps to be followed, why is there so much misinformation out there? 

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Free InsituSIM Training!

Sign up for a series of free webinars to find out more about the new and expanded InsituSIM. This online modelling tool lets you quickly and easily evaluate the economic and environmental implications of new technology or changes in operating conditions for in situ facilities – without the need for complex simulation software.




Expert insights and support for optimal GHG mitigation

TEAM is a web-based decision support software for rigorous techno-economic evaluations of short-lived climate pollutants and greenhouse gas mitigation strategies for the oil & gas sector. Evaluations can be performed at the site, company, industry-segment, regional and jurisdictional levels all while considering the facility-level constraints and local economic parameters.

This work-in-progress was originally funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada to provide technical support to the Mexican government to enact country-wide emissions reductions. Knowing its potential, Process Ecology is currently working to bring this innovative tool to market for the benefit of operating companies, governments and technology developers. If TEAM can enhance your operations, get in touch at

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Software and services for timely and reliable methane emissions reporting and reduction

MeAdvisor is the trusted service that enables the development of a high-quality methane emissions inventory, provides a platform to maintain a detailed emissions source database, and facilitates an event logging system as required by regulation.

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