Oil sands / heavy oil
  • Client: COSIA

CO2CEPTS: An Innovative cloud-based tool for evaluation of new technologies in SAGD facilities

New technologies are continuously being developed to improve the economic and environmental performance of Steam Ass...

Oil sands / heavy oil
  • Client: Confidential

Steam generator tube rupture analysis using dynamic simulation

Heat Exchangers are used to transfer heat from a hot fluid to a cold fluid. Most of the times these fluids are avail...

Natural gas processing
  • Client: Pioneer Resources

Development of an Operations Surveillance System that relies on a dynamic simulation model

It has been recognized for a number of years that the Oil & Gas upstream sector offers interesting business oppo...

Natural gas processing
  • Client: Keyera

Plant Capacity Review using HYSYS and other rating software tools

Process Ecology has completed many plant capacity reviews; typically the objective is to evaluate the ability of a p...

Natural gas processing
  • Client: Various clients

Development of a HYSYS extension to predict hydrate formation and inhibition

Hydrate formation in natural gas processing systems is a well-known design and operating consideration that must be...