Process engineering
For a sustainable oil & gas industry

Process Ecology has substantial experience in engineering consulting for the oil and gas industry. Our team of world-class experts in the development and application of process simulation and optimization technology offer a combined set of competencies that enables our clients to solve real problems and improve the sustainability of their operations

A powerful engineering software toolbox

Core competencies

Process Ecology can help you identify solutions that enhance the environmental and economic performance of your operations

We have substantial experience in process engineering consulting for the oil & gas industry as well as in the development of decision-support software. Our history with a wide range of process modeling and engineering studies has led to a unique approach to problem solving.

Whether it's providing engineering advice for a new plant or pipeline, debottlenecking and optimizing existing facilities, or developing strategies for emissions reductions, our clients trust us to deliver high quality tools and effective advice.

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The Process Ecology Management team represents over 100 years
of experience in process optimization, simulation and modeling.

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