Natural gas processing

Plant Capacity Review using HYSYS and other rating software tools

Process Ecology has completed many plant capacity reviews; typically the objective is to evaluate the ability of a plant to handle additional or a different quality of gas/condensate. Additionally the economics of different plant operating strategies are often reviewed (e.g., which impact liquid recovery).

First a HYSYS model is developed based on available drawings (PFDs, P&IDs) and key equipment including separators, columns, heat exchangers, compressors are rigorously rated based on additional information such as equipment specification sheets. Some tools are available within the HYSYS environment while external applications are typically used to achieve better accuracy for rating specific equipment.

Process Ecology creates a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) spreadsheet linking variables from HYSYS into Excel. Many case studies can be executed, and the KPI seamlessly updated directly from HYSYS. Areas within the plant which are potential bottlenecks are highlighted in the KPI and recommendations regarding the capacity of the plant as well as debottlenecking strategies are provided.