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Sample projects, case studies and technical support information related to the application of process modeling and optimization to operating and environmental process

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Air emissions management - Recent projects

Air emissions management
  • Client: Various

Air Emissions Reporting - Our Approach

Do you have challenges complying with constantly changing emissions regulations?Do you use spreadsheets or generic tools to manage your emissions repo...

Air emissions management
  • Client: Various

Air Emissions Reporting - Ensure compliance and reduce emissions

Contact us to find out how we can ensure you comply with air emissions regulations and find the best ways to reduce emissions.

Natural gas processing - Recent projects

Natural gas processing
  • Client: Pioneer Resources

Development of an Operations Surveillance System that relies on a dynamic simulation model

It has been recognized for a number of years that the Oil & Gas upstream sector offers interesting business opportunities related to process simul...

Natural gas processing
  • Client: Keyera

Plant Capacity Review using HYSYS and other rating software tools

Process Ecology has completed many plant capacity reviews; typically the objective is to evaluate the ability of a plant to handle additional or a dif...

Oil sands / heavy oil - Recent projects

Oil sands / heavy oil
  • Client: Confidential

Site-wide simulation model for SAGD facilities. HYSYS-OLI integration

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) is a widely used thermal production technology to extract bitumen from Alberta’s subsurface oil sands dep...

Oil sands / heavy oil
  • Client: COSIA

CO2CEPTS: An Innovative cloud-based tool for evaluation of new technologies in SAGD facilities

New technologies are continuously being developed to improve the economic and environmental performance of Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Cent...

Relief / flare studies - Recent projects

Relief / flare studies
  • Client: Various clients

Can a general process simulator be used for flare system design and rating?

Process Ecology has worked with clients on various flare studies through the years and a question which occasionally comes up is whether a process sim...

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Water efficiency - Recent projects

Water efficiency
  • Client: Various

HydrOpti- optimal water management in hydraulic fracturing operations

Natural gas plays an important role in meeting growing energy demands around the world due to its widespread availability, ease of transport, and its...