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Our HYSYS extensions help process and operations engineers to improve their efficiency and productivity by integrating supplementary calculations directly in the HYSYS environment and reducing the need to use different tools (e.g. Excel spreadsheets) to complete the job

The seamless integration enabled by HYSYS extensibility and open interfaces allows users to capture best practices and standard procedures right in the simulation models

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Process Ecology Hydrate Extension

Hydrate formation in natural gas processing is a design and operating consideration that must be handled properly in order to avoid costly production losses or serious safety hazards. A series of methodologies are available for engineers to predict hydrate formation and inhibitions strategies. The Hydrate Extension implements the most widely used methods together with recent rigorous methods for hydrate formation calculations in such a way that it is easy to compare the results from all of them in a single environment.

Process Ecology Tank Emissions Extension

Air emissions from oil and condensate storage tanks are a significant concern for operating companies and regulatory agencies alike. The Tank Emissions Extension implements calculations based on the EPA AP 42 documents (AP-42 chapter 7) and reports flashing losses, breathing/working losses as well as loading losses. The information becomes available directly from the simulation model and may be used for environmental reporting or to develop an environmental permit.

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Saturate Extension

The Saturate Extension is a convenient way to calculate the amount of water required to saturate a dry gas stream at given temperature, pressure and composition. The extension reports on water content in the wet gas and may be used to evaluate under saturated conditions as well. Note that this extension is useful for HYSYS versions previous to 8.0 where the Saturate Unit Operation was included in the HYSYS base program.

Gas Properties Extension

A process engineer supporting gas operations will often need to use HYSYS to calculate sales gas properties such as water dewpoint, hydrocarbon dewpoint, heating value and water content. The Gas Properties Extension calculates both the hydrocarbon and water dewpoints for the stream to which it is attached. It also reports on heating value and water content.

Examples of custom-built Extensions

4-phase flash
Extends flash calculations for the detection of liquid mercury formation in cryogenic gas processing facilities

Cost estimation
Gathers all cost information built into the simulation model using custom variables and reports on total operating cost

Water treatment suite for SAGD with OLI integration
Implements models for Skim Tanks, Oil Removal Filters, Lime Softening and Ion Exchange

Peng-Robinson EOS package for LNG processing
Implements the P-R EOS model with considerations for simulations near the critical region

SAGD Wellpad
Includes a simplified representation of a SAGD reservoir to consider SOR, GOR and retention rates in a simulation model

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