A powerful decision-support
toolbox to evaluate
and optimize oil and gas facilities

Explore our powerful decision-support toolbox to learn more about our innovative approach to evaluate and optimize oil & gas facilities. Our products are designed to apply a wide range of process simulation and engineering calculations to identify solutions to manage air emissions and reduce operating cost


Manage flaring, venting and methane emissions from upstream oil & gas operations



The most efficient approach to reduce benzene emissions and optimize glycol dehydration plants



An innovative cloud-based software to support the evaluation of new technologies and operating policies


HYSYS Extensions

Integration of complementary calculations to extend your HYSYS simulation models

HYSYS extensions

The oil and gas opportunity

A sustainable oil & gas industry requires decision-support systems to optimize operations, maximize energy efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint in a cost effective manner

Our proposal for sustainability

Provide the best available science and engineering methods in powerful cloud-based tools to identify the most promising sustainability opportunities

Carbon risk management

Demonstrate accurate GHG emissions tracking and company‐wide best practices. Improve Sustainability Reporting and investor confidence

Ensure compliance

Simplify data gathering from the field. Facilitate accurate tracking of emissions. Meet the most stringent regulatory requirements for air emissions estimation

Profitable operations

Identify the best opportunities for plant optimization and operating cost reductions. Maximize the value data gathering and modeling

Engineering support

Benefit from Process Ecology’s highly qualified process engineers to interpret data to detect design and operational optimization opportunities to improve sustainability.



Methane emissions advisor

Company-wide, consistent and accurate quantification and management of methane emissions. MeAdvisor builds on rigorous engineering methods and facility-specific information to reveal actual methane emissions profiles for each source and enable the identification of optimization opportunities.

MeAdvisor can provide high-quality data for your corporate reporting systems to ensure the best available information is delivered to various stakeholders



Benzene emissions advisor

Go beyond regulatory compliance and reduce air emissions from glycol dehydration plants, particularly Benzene –a known carcinogenic substance- and methane -a powerful greenhouse gas- while optimizing your facilities

Leverage data gathering and modelling efforts required to comply with government regulations to increase productivity and reduce environmental and health impacts.



Evaluation of new technologies and operating policies

Evaluate the economic and environmental implications of changes in operating conditions and new technology for in situ oil sands facilities without the need for complex simulation software

Technology developers benefit as InsituSIM provides a platform to demonstrate to industry the benefits of specific technologies

HYSYS extensions

Our HYSYS extensions help process and operations engineers to improve their efficiency and productivity by integrating supplementary calculations directly in the HYSYS environment and reducing the need to use different tools (e.g. Excel spreadsheets) to complete the job

The seamless integration enabled by HYSYS extensibility and open interfaces allows users to capture best practices and standard procedures right in the simulation models

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