Technical knowledge, industry updates and news to oil and gas industry including process simulation and optimization, regulatory updates for air emissions.

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Pipeline engineering studies using dynamic simulation

Designing pipeline systems requires consideration of a number of factors, including the distance to be traveled, ter...

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Optimal heat recovery in process plants: Opportunities for improved energy efficiency and environmental performance

Heat recovery is a well established practice in a number of sectors of the process industries; it has become standar...

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Methods of Analyzing Simulation Process Data

It is often useful to analyze equipment performance based on fluctuations in key variables of plant operation. For e...

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Tips for more efficient DEOS preparation

Complying with the Directive 39 requirement to complete and post the Dehydrator Engineering and Operations Sheet (DE...

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US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) releases guidelines for greenhouse gas emissions reporting

Whether a particular Oil & Gas facility falls under a government reporting threshold or not, managers at all lev...



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