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Category Relief / flare studies

Two flare stacks in one facility? Make sure to consider radiation from one stack to the other stack surface

It is quite common for a facility to have multiple flare stacks with different heights. Consider a sour gas processing facility where there are two...

Category Relief / flare studies

Steam generator tube rupture analysis using dynamic simulation

Heat Exchangers are used to transfer heat from a hot fluid to a cold fluid. Most of the times these fluids are avail...

Category Relief / flare studies

Sizing of Pressure Safety Valves in the Supercritical Region

Pressure safety valves (PSVs) on vessels containing liquid hydrocarbon may relieve a supercritical fluid during a fi...

Category Relief / flare studies

Estimation Methods for Solution Gas Venting/Flaring Volume


The accurate calculation of greenhouse gas...

Category Relief / flare studies

Using the Dynamic Depressuring Utility To Simulate High Pressure Blowdown Scenarios

Over the past several years, Process Ecology has completed many plant-wide blowdown reviews of high pressure flare s...



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