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Air Emissions Regulations in Western Canada – A Primer

Air emissions regulations and reporting requirements in Western Canada are in constant evolution and can be a very c...

Category Air emissions management

Air emissions and energy in natural gas dehydration: A review of Western Canada’s trends and opportunities

Since the introduction of AER Directive 039 in 2007 to control benzene emissions from glycol dehydration facilities,...

Category Air emissions management

New Alberta Climate Change Policy: A Summary


Climate change is one of the grea...

Category Air emissions management

Directive 39 Update – New benzene emission limits in Alberta

Earlier in 2013, the Alberta Energy Regulator or AER (previously ERCB) released a revised Directive 39 (Benzene Emis...

Category Air emissions management

PTAC 2013 Air Issues Forum

On September 26, 2013, Process Ecology attended and presented at the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) Air...



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