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Process Modelling and Optimization. 

The Process Ecology Newsletter includes updates and news relevant to the energy industry regarding regulatory updates for air emissions, technical information related to process simulation as well as case studies and best practices in process engineering.

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  • Steam Generator Tube Rupture Analysis using Dynamic Simulation
  • Air Emissions Regulations in Western Canada - A Primer 
  • Training, News and Events 

Steam Generator Tube Rupture Analysis using Dynamic Simulation

Heat Exchangers are used to transfer heat from a hot fluid to a cold fluid. Most of the time these fluids are available at different pressures and sometimes this difference in pressure may be very significant. In the event of a tube rupture, the high pressure fluid will entrain into the low pressure side causing a pressure build up. Appropriate engineering considerations need to be taken into account during the design process in order to avoid equipment failure, loss of containment, material and even human loss. This article discusses important factors for heat exchanger tube rupture scenarios and presents an example of tube rupture simulation using dynamic simulation of a steam generator.

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Air emissions regulations in western Canada: A primer

Air emissions regulations and reporting requirements in Western Canada are in constant evolution and can be a very confusing topic! Often there are different regulations in each Province and Federally, and with the Climate Change Initiatives in each jurisdiction, new regulations are still being developed. This article attempts to provide a high level overview of the existing and upcoming regulatory and reporting requirements for air emissions, specifically those focused around climate change, but touching on other aspects that affect the Upstream Oil and Gas (UOG) Industry as well.
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 Training, News and Events

  • Process Ecology is proud to announce the release of co2cepts, an online tool developed with COSIA to evaluate technologies for greenhouse gas emissions reductions for in-situ oil sands facilities.
  • In November 2016, a Process Integration Workshop  was held in Toronto, Ontario and Prince George, British Columbia. Alberto Alva-Argaez was one of the trainers responsible for facilitating the workshop. 
  • Process Ecology will be taking part in PTAC's series of free information sessions addressing emissions and energy reductions in the oil and gas industry. On December 12, join us for Methane and Air Emissions- Compliance and Cost Reduction - click here to register. On January 10th, 2017, join us for IT Tools for Cost Reduction & Operational Improvements - click here to register.
  • On March 1st, 2017, Process Ecology will be facilitating the PTAC information session Methane Emissions Advisor: A Comprehensive Service to Manage Methane Emissions From Upstream Oil & Gas Facilities. For more information or to register click here
  • Process Ecology can help take the stress out of your NPRI and greenhouse gas emissions reporting requirements. We will work with you to efficiently gather the required field data, estimate corresponding air emissions, and submit the information as required. E-mail or call us (403-313-8931) if you would like more information. 
  • We have experience optimizing and troubleshooting gas and NGL plants. Projects include resolving capacity issues, troubleshooting hydrate formation, and resolving process upsets through improved control. We can provide the experienced engineering support to help you to improve facility operations. E-mail or call us (403-313-8931) if you would like more information.

Easily track, report and manage methane emissions using the Methane Emissions Advisor system.

Methane Emissions Advisor is an innovative web-based service that is designed to assist the Upstream Oil & Gas sector estimate and manage methane emissions and flaring and venting volumes from operating facilities. Methane Emissions Advisor brings together the benefits of a modern user interface with rigorous engineering calculations that will meet the most stringent requirements for reporting and will enable the identification of optimization opportunities.

Register for an evaluation trial today. Please visit www.methaneadvisor.com or send us an email

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