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Category Air emissions management

Predicting benzene emissions in refrigeration plants – be careful what simulators tell you!

In Western Canada, companies are required to report benzene emissions from glycol dehydration / regeneration units....

Category Air emissions management

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting and Trading: Basic Facts

In a society that seems to firmly believe in market-driven mechanisms to correct behaviour, emissions  trading...

Category Air emissions management

Benzene Emissions Calculations for TEG Units by GLYCalc and HYSYS

GRI-GLYCalc and Aspentech’s HYSYS are simulation tools frequently used to predict benzene  emissions from...

Category Air emissions management

Greenhouse gas emissions reporting: The Upstream Oil & Gas Sector in Alberta, Canada

The Province of Alberta has taken a leadership position in the GHG emissions reporting and  management area in...

Category Air emissions management

Measurement of BTEX Emissions from Glycol Dehys

A significant amount of work was performed by both researchers and industry in the early 1990s regarding the measure...



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