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Category Natural gas processing

Acid Gas Loading in Amine Solutions for Natural Gas Sweetening Process - A Brief Overview


Raw natural gas consists primarily of meth...

Category Air emissions management

Multi Sector Air Pollutant Regulations – What is new for the Oil and Gas industry in Western Canada

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) states:

“The Regulati...

Category Natural gas processing

Ethylene Glycol Behaviour at Low Temperature Conditions in Refrigeration Plants


The formation of hydrates in natural gas p...

Category Training and support

HYSYS Tips and Tricks: User-Variables to calculate erosional velocity in dynamic simulation models

When modelling piping networks, especially in the presence of loops and parallel piping, HYSYS Dynamics can be easil...

Category Air emissions management

Air Emissions Regulations in Western Canada – A Primer

Air emissions regulations and reporting requirements in Western Canada are in constant evolution and can be a very c...



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