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Category Air emissions management

Strategies for managing emissions regulations and Process Ecology’s approach

Canada’s oil and gas sector is experiencing unprecedented challenges with low oil & gas prices and the development of the Covid-19 pandem...

Category Air emissions management

Sweetening of sour gases with high-CO2 content using MDEA

For sour gas with high CO2 content, Sulfinol [1] or similar proprietary solvents are typically used. Sulfin...

Category Air emissions management

Air Emissions reporting in Western Canada - keeping on top of it all

If you are responsible for air emissions reporting in Canada, you are likely struggling to keep on top of all the regulations and their demands &nd...

Category Water efficiency

Site-wide implications of water disposal and recycling for thermal in-situ oil sands facilities

AER issued Directive 081 “Water Disposal Limits and Reporting Requirements for Thermal In Situ Oil Sands Schemes...

Category Oil sands / heavy oil

Emulsion Heater Treaters - Sizing Methodology

Heater treaters are used to further separate water from crude oil emulsions in cases where this cannot be achieved w...



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