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Category Natural gas processing

PSV Sizing for Fire Cases: Is a dynamic model worth the time?

For many in our field, PSV (Pressure Safety Valves) sizing is considered to be a relatively simple task that can be performed in a matter of minute...

Category Air emissions management

Why is accurate emissions reporting important?

It goes without saying that we are in a major energy transition as the drive to reduce carbon emissions and focus on other energy sources is intens...

Category Oil sands / heavy oil

Estimating Heat Losses in Heavy Oil Pipelines

In a constantly changing market maximizing the flexibility of daily operations can provide the edge over the competition. Daily operational constra...

Category Air emissions management

Sweetening of sour gases with high-CO2 content using MDEA

For sour gas with high CO2 content, Sulfinol [1] or similar proprietary solvents are typically used. Sulfin...

Category Air emissions management

Strategies for managing emissions regulations and Process Ecology’s approach

Canada’s oil and gas sector is experiencing unprecedented challenges with low oil & gas prices and the development of the Covid-19 pandem...



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