Technical knowledge, industry updates and news to oil and gas industry including process simulation and optimization, regulatory updates for air emissions.

Category Oil sands / heavy oil

Emulsion Heater Treaters - Sizing Methodology

Heater treaters are used to further separate water from crude oil emulsions in cases where this cannot be achieved w...

Category Air emissions management

Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulation, Part 2: Stationary Spark-Ignition Engines

The Government of Canada published the Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulation (‘MSAPR’) on June 17, 2016....

Category Natural gas processing

Compressor blowdown calculations: Comparison of HYSYS BLOWDOWN vs the Depressuring Utility


Fluid temperatures can drop significantly during depressurization events and the heat transfer b...

Category Water efficiency

An efficient approach for techno-economic evaluations of membrane technologies in SAGD Central Processing Facilities

Oil sands operators are continuously investigating ways to reduce operating cost, energy use, and associated GHG emi...

Category Natural gas processing

Predictive Modeling using Machine Learning in the Upstream Oil & Gas Sector


Predictive process models are essential engineering tools that enable bet...



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